#WCW – Meet Jordin M.!

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Pink Iron's #WCW Jordin M.

This week’s women crush goes to our very own Pink Iron intern, Jordin M.  All the way from Hawaii, she’s here to learn and grow with Pink Iron!  We’re so excited to have her with us for the summer.


Some of Jordin’s faves…

Living in Oahu, Hawaii, she discovered pitaya bowls and they have quickly become her favorite food! (Now we’re all craving them!)  She’s really enjoying living in Hawaii, the warm weather and endless amount of exploring to do is a plus!  Since living in Hawaii she has taken up snorkeling—she’s even spotted a sea turtle!  Jordin grew up in Wyoming and has done dance for the last 12 years, all varieties of dance like tap, jazz and lyrical just to name a few.  Her favorite go to fitness training is CrossFit; she loves how it challenges you and you discover things that your body can do that you never thought it could before.  Jordin’s favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn, she adores all of her movies.


Why fitness excites Jordin…

Jordin is currently working on an exercise and sports science degree.  She loves all things about health and fitness.  She thinks being fit and eating healthy is key to a healthy, happy and long life.  She is interning at Pink Iron in hopes of learning all the ins and outs of starting a business in the fitness industry.  In the future, Jordin wants to open her own rehabilitation gym to help people beat all kinds of addictions.  She has hopes of being and staying fit to help prevent certain illnesses and help other people achieve the same thing in their lives.


What Jordin is thankful for…

Jordin is so grateful for and inspired by her husband of two years, Jordan. (Jordin+Jordan=so cute, we know!)  With her husband in Hawaii during summer and Jordin here in Utah, it hasn’t been super easy, but she’s thankful for FaceTime so she is able to see and talk to him everyday.  Jordin is thankful for everything, she thinks even the little things are big and deserve thanks.  She has mentioned gratitude for her own body being able to show her new things it’s capable of and growing like she never imagined it could.  She is even grateful for the air we breath and the water around us.  (We could all give a little more gratitude on the daily, so stop and smell the roses.  Thank you Jordin!)


The Pink Iron team is so happy to have Jordin here with us for the summer.  She is a great asset to the team, and is so passionate about health and fitness!  


Love always,

The Pink Iron team


Got a question for Jordin about life as a college student in Hawaii? Comment below!


Article contributed by: Brittany Miller
Brittany joins the Pink Iron team as a recent ‘transplant’ to Utah. She is a California native, and is grateful the weather is starting to warm up in Utah because she was really starting to miss the beach. In addition to having an amazing daughter and husband, Brittany works at Pink Iron as our Athlete Coordinator and primary blog writer. We are so grateful to have this kick-butt lady on the team!

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