Microblading: Your Next Splurge?

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So obviously we’re all about health, fitness, and nutrition over here (kind of the bread & butta), but at the end of the day – what we’re REALLY about – is how to help you feel like the very best version of YOU that there possibly can be. And with that… let’s bring a little BEAUTY into the house today!

So, what exactly IS microblading?

When I first heard about the new thing for eyebrows, I thought it was a tattoo on your face like our grandma’s used to get.  Well… I was wrong! First, it’s only semi-permanent. It uses the same idea as tattooing, HOWEVER a whole different technique. Microblading technicians use a hand held tool with multiple tiny needles in it to make tiny cuts in your brows then place pigment on top to sink into the cuts.  The pigment doesn’t go as deep as a ‘standard’ tattoo would, which is why it’s considered semi-permanent. The end result isn’t a solid brow tat on your face, but rather tiny lines that resemble real life brow hairs. SO REAL you’d have to touch someone’s microbladed brows to know they weren’t real! CRAZY! (Is this what brow dreams are made of?!)


What’s the process like?  Details please!

An appointment usually lasts about 1-2 hours.  When you go to the appointment, your technician will listen to your wants and dreams (regarding your brows ladies, although I’m sure she’d like to hear about your life dreams as well…)  So give her as much info as you can, she’s there to make those dreams come true! (Just call her your fairy brow-mother.) First, she’ll draw on your brows to fit your face and have you look to make sure it will make you happy.  From there, she’ll begin making the tiny cuts that shape your new brows, followed by placing the pigment she’s mixed to match you perfectly on the cuts to sink in. Take a look in the mirror and WAH-LAH… the brows that dreams are made of… that WON’T wash off!  If there’s any hair strokes you want to add, now is the time to tell her. She’ll then perfect the brows on your face and BAM, out you go. (After of course she goes over care for your new banging brows.)


I want dream brows! But… level with me.. how painful is this going to be!?

This procedure sounds scary and painful. Like “don’t come at my brows with that special scary sorta-tattoo tool.”  After researching and hearing about microblading, the pain is compared to getting your eyebrows waxed or threaded.  It’s described as definitely doable pain.  The making the cuts part is actually the quickest part of the procedure.  A lot of places will even offer to numb the area before they begin!  (To which I would say, “YES PLEASE!”)


How “splurgy” are we talking… and how long will this last?

This procedure is what we would consider a bit on the pricey side. Most studios begin pricing at about $500, and go up from there. (That being said, every area of the country is different, so do your research – not just on price, either. MAKE SURE you’re getting the quality service that you pay for!) The fantastic brows you get from microblading typically last between 1-3 years. There’s also usually a touch-up included in the price, so make sure to do some research on that, too.


Why, why, why?

Bushy, defined brows are IN! (Ooh hey Lucy Hale, Brooke Shields, Emma Watson!)  Microblading gives you eyebrows that are non-existent due to medical reasons (alopecia, cancer), or excessive tweezing/waxing over the years causing thinner eyebrows, or it can just help you get the shape YOU want.  Microblading isn’t everyone’s go-to for perfect brows. Obviously this is a pricey beauty hack to get the brows of your dreams. And hey – maybe you don’t care that when you sweat or swim your brows wash off, or maybe you enjoy those extra few minutes of alone time you get while you fill in your brows during your regular beauty regimine. Or maybe you’re like me and have naturally thick brows that are STOKED whenever big brows are trendy because it means less work… whatever it is, YOU DO YOU. If this is an option that sounds like it could work for you (for whatever reason that may be), do what makes you feel like your BEST SELF. If you have thinning brows or lack the shape you want, if this is something that you’ve thought about for quite awhile and it will make your life easier causing you to wake up feeling like a superstar ready to rock your day, then do it for YOU!



Always – ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS – research your technician of choice. Look at before and afters of their work and read reviews. Though it’s not as permanent as a regular tattoo, they are still going to be with you for awhile. So make sure you get someone that will give you brows that will make you radiate happiness inside and out! And at the end of the day, no matter what shape your brows are in, we think you’re beautiful! And you should too!



All the love,


The Pink Iron Team


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Article contributed by: Brittany Miller & Laura Owen
Brittany joins the Pink Iron team as a recent ‘transplant’ to Utah. She is a California native, and is grateful the weather is starting to warm up in Utah because she was really starting to miss the beach. In addition to having an amazing daughter and husband, Brittany works at Pink Iron as our Athlete Coordinator and primary blog writer. We are so grateful to have this kick-butt lady on the team!  ||  Laura loves being the owner of Pink Iron, and is beyond excited to have the PI team start strong in Utah. With a goal of making Pink Iron a household name, she strives every day to make the lives of every woman around her the best they can be. A husband and twin daughters motivate Laura to empower others to achieve their dreams DAILY.

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