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We’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it twice, we’ve heard it A LOT – fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. (Mmhmm…)  For example: the ever so popular saying, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” While fitness plays a large role in getting those abs, you can’t be *totes fit* unless you eat right.  Nutrition is key on this journey to your fittest self.  


Eating consciously. What the heck does that mean!? Simply put, it means thinking about what you’re putting into your body, as well as how much. When you’re paying attention to what you’re eating, you are more likely to eat healthier. Strict, depriving, starve yourself, fad diets DO NOT WORK in the long run. Eating nutritions food and enjoying the *other* things in moderation is a lifestyle, not a diet, and it WILL benefit you in the long run.  

Here it is – an easy-to-follow guide utilizing the 80/20 “rule.” It’s simple – eat whole, nutritious foods 80% of the time and 20% of the time is dedicated to whatever you want to indulge in (hey – don’t forget about that moderation thing). Seriously – LISTEN UP: don’t concentrate so much on the math of 80/20 nutrition. It is here as a guide. Even more important, focus on how you FEEL. If you eat ice cream (and unknowingly are lactose-intolerant), you may notice that you get that “tight in the tummy” (a.k.a. gassy) feeling… So, do you FEEL your best? Or do you feel like maybe another type of food would have made you feel better? It’s just a question. There is no good / bad / right / wrong answer here, it’s just whatever the answer is FOR YOU. Remember Laura, Pink Iron owner, talks about everything in moderation! So enjoy the foods you like, but make a CONSCIOUS decision to pay attention to what you eat and how it makes you feel. 


Don’t JUNK yourself up while getting fit.

So you’ve been working out religiously and you still aren’t seeing the muscle definition you expected… sound familiar? Ever happened to you? WHY?! (Like really, whhyyy?!) Junk food is named that because it’s junk for your body. (*insert eye roll* “But it’s sooo good…” Yep. We know.) When you’re working out frequently, trying to get lean or build muscle, but you continue to eat food that DOESN’T serve you best, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Junk food is usually pretty high in sugar and sometimes fat foo, which if left unchecked (and by unchecked we mean “sneaky calories” – these are the foods that we eat and think “Oh, that’s only a couple hundred calories” – like 200 – and it turns out to be 2,000! Yep. Happens every day.) which will cause weight gain. When you’re eating a lot of junk, attaining that muscle definition can be near impossible, even if you hit the gym daily. This is due to many possible reasons, depending on your body – it could be because fat stores itself directly under the skin and on top of muscle, it could be because whatever you’re eating is actually causing a swelling reaction in your body (this is SUPER common – again, think of our lactose-intolerant friend before), it could be that your body actually has an allergic reaction to the foods you eat…the list is LONG. So in order for that toned muscle that you’ve hustled so hard for to break through, you have to mitigate what’s going on. Usually changing your diet to more nutrient-dense, whole foods and cutting out the junk [as noted above] will help eliminate this fat. Plus, eating like this gives you energy that you need to keep up with your workouts, and you’ll start to feel amazing inside and out.


Challenge yourself!

Give it your best shot – focus on that 80/20 eating, cut down on the junk, and see how you feel! If you don’t feel or see results right away that’s okay, it takes time. DO NOT GIVE UP. Remember the popular number 21 – it takes 21 days to form a habit. Ladies – that’s not even a whole month! Try eating a little better for your bod for the next 21 days, and we know you’ll keep going from there. You and your body deserve to feel great, especially if you’re killing it in the gym!  Get it girl!

Side note: need a little help staying the course? Head over to and sign up for weekly workouts & recipes to help keep you on track!


We’re here for you – comment below if you have any questions about the 80/20 rule or just suggestions for how you’ve incorporated better-for-you recipes into your daily life. We’d love to hear from you!


Think PINK! We’re on this journey together!

The Pink Iron Team



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Article contributed by: Brittany Miller & Laura Owen
Brittany joins the Pink Iron team as a recent ‘transplant’ to Utah. She is a California native, and is grateful the weather is starting to warm up in Utah because she was really starting to miss the beach. In addition to having an amazing daughter and husband, Brittany works at Pink Iron as our Front of House staff and primary blog writer. We are so grateful to have this kick-butt lady on the team!  ||  Laura loves being the owner of Pink Iron, and is beyond excited to have the PI team start strong in Utah. With a goal of making Pink Iron a household name, she strives every day to make the lives of every woman around her the best they can be. A husband and twin daughters motivate Laura to empower others to achieve their dreams DAILY.




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