Finding the Balance

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Hello! I am Tayla Russell, your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with all the tips and tricks on how to live your best life, one bite at a time!

We’re entering my favorite time of year – the holiday season! This time of year is spent with family and friends, celebrating, and my favorite, eating! For many, the holidays are spent overindulging in desserts, one too many cocktails, and time indoors away from the cold weather.

This usually leaves us feeling tired, sluggish, and maybe even up a few pounds.

Does that mean we shouldn’t enjoy any of mom’s yummy sugar cookies at Christmas or a slice of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving?

No way!

I used to think in an “all or nothing” mindset and never allow even the occasional sweet treat. I would be miserable at parties and just want the holidays to be over. Even worse, a lot of times I would come home and end up stuffing my face with sweets anyway. I would go for a long time being “good” on my diet only to “mess up” and have to start over for the 100th time.

I was miserable and guess what, I didn’t lose any weight either!

Once I changed my mindset about food to allowing all foods I was able to actually enjoy food again. And guess what, I actually started to lose weight.

It’s all about balance

Instead of living a super strict healthy lifestyle I now choose to live by the 80/20 rule. That is 80% of the time I will choose to eat healthy foods that help me feel awesome then 20% of the time I allow myself to indulge – anything from chocolate, a donut, or even candy.

You might be asking yourself – this dietitian actually eats candy? No way.

I do!

Allowing myself the occasional indulgence (remember, only 20% of the time) really helps me to not feel deprived. Whenever I feel deprived then that’s when I tend to binge and overdo it.

Bottom Line

Enjoy the holiday season and even enjoy the treats and drinks too! Start listening to your body and hear what it’s telling you. Feed it nutritious foods most of the time and indulge a little when you really want to.

Find what your balanced lifestyle looks like – remember, everyone’s looks a little different. Allow yourself to enjoy the healthy foods and the not-so-healthy foods.

Have a great November!


Tayla Russell, RD

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