#WCW – Meet Justine W.!

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Let me set the stage for you… when Justine came in to record her interview, she BOUNDED through the door – skipping, jumping, smiling and laughing! And to be honest with you – that IS Justine! Her energy is so contagious, making her the perfect head trainer for Pink Iron!

Her background…
Justine grew up dancing and started to lift weights around the age of 10. She would go to the gym with her Mom, and over time she became very passionate about weightlifting & fitness. In high school, she began competing in NPC shows in the figure and bikini divisions. After competing, she realized what she enjoyed was training and not actually competing — so she took that energy and began training others to compete in bikini, figure and various men’s divisions. Shortly after, she began teaching group fitness classes and that is when she realized her true passion!

Just how passionate is Justine about PINK IRON, exactly?
Holy moly, this woman is SO passionate! Justine became excited about Pink Iron when she heard about a past experience at a prior Pink Iron.

The story basically went like this: at the end of one of the workouts, the last exercise was to go outside and run. One of the women was really struggling, and though everyone had finished before her, she knew she needed to keep going. As she rounded the corner to head back to the gym (and the ‘finish line’ for the day), the rest of the women in class were there – outside – clapping and cheering her on through to the end!

Hearing this story inspired Justine, and she knew right then that the Pink Iron mentality was something she wanted to be a part of — women lifting one another UP instead of competing against each other.

What “Pink Iron” means to her…
We asked Justine what Pink Iron means to her. She said, “It’s means inspiration; working together to better ourselves and helping those around us, knowing we’re not alone.” She believes at Pink Iron women can work together to become better physically and mentally.

Speaking of mentally, one thing you’ll hear Justine talk about a lot when you workout with her is that no matter how “strong” you are physically, you can be (and ARE) that “strong” mentally, too. She is here to help you reach your full potential in BOTH aspects.
Justine has trained at many different locations and situations and she knows Pink Iron is so different from any other facility. With Pink Iron’s PINK FIIT workouts (training power, balance, strength and agility) and our DMC (daily motivational concept), we give tools for women at all different levels to be their best selves. Justine is here to motivate you through your FIIT workout in a way where you’ll walk out the door ready to seize the day and have new friends to help you through anything! Believe me, if you’re not motivated to workout already, just walk into one of Justine’s classes and she’ll instantly motivate you with her energy, positive attitude and passion. It’s truly contagious!

Justine’s Pro Fitness Tip…
“Don’t be afraid!” Justine has heard “I can’t do that” from so many people. Too many people. She wants you to know that it is this simple – YOU CAN! She doesn’t just believe you can do anything you put your mind to, she KNOWS you can! Don’t underestimate yourself. Try anything, and you’ll learn you CAN do it. (You may even end up loving that thing you thought you couldn’t do…)

Inspiration and giving thanks ?
Justine is so inspired by her colleagues. She participates in classes put on by other trainers to learn from them, and become a better trainer herself. She is inspired by their positive energy and how they bring a room full of people together while training! She believes there is no better way to learn than from your peers! Justine is very thankful for all the friendships she has formed, believing that these friendships are what make her the best person she can be. She also enjoys having the camaraderie of knowing that someone is always there for you when you need them, and she loves being there for them too.
Justine is such a huge part of Pink Iron. We love how passionate she is about bringing women together and are beyond fortunate to have her as our head trainer! Come to one of her PINK FIIT classes and you’ll know why!

All our best,
The Pink Iron Team

Article contributed by: Brittany Miller & Laura Owen
Brittany joins the Pink Iron team as a recent ‘transplant’ to Utah. She is a California native, and is grateful the weather is starting to warm up in Utah because she was really starting to miss the beach. In addition to having an amazing daughter and husband, Brittany works at Pink Iron as our Athlete Coordinator and primary blog writer. We are so grateful to have this kick-butt lady on the team!  ||  Laura loves being the owner of Pink Iron, and is beyond excited to have the PI team start strong in Utah. With a goal of making Pink Iron a household name, she strives every day to make the lives of every woman around her the best they can be. A husband and twin daughters motivate Laura to empower others to achieve their dreams DAILY.

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